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" Keep healthy with Kangen Water and live longer "

Drink electron rich, alkaline, kangen water at habitual times throughout the day. Don't wait untill you are hungry or thirsty because many times when you feel hungry, your body is really thirsty. Thirst always indicates a present state of mild dehydration.

Increase your drinking by drinking at least 1 lt of electron-rich, structured, pH Kangen Water for each one hour of exercise or stressful mental activity.

Dr. Dave Carpenter explains... " Drink plenty of alkaline water. Ideally one will drink 1/2-1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day of good, structured water.

Remember that the earth is 70% water, the body is 70% water, a cell is 70% water and DNA is 70% water!"
Is this just a coincidence? There is a direct connection between the quality and content of the water in our body and how the body responds to disease and ageing. The brain is 83% water, the kidneys are 82% water, te lung is 80% water, the heart 79% water, the bones 22% water and the blood 90% water!

Researchers share the body at death has only a 50% hydration level so let's increase our water levels and live longer and healthier!"


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Published on Jul 5, 2012

Robert G. Wright, the Founder and CEO of the American Anti-Cancer Institute has endorsed and recommended Kangen Water®, and has specifically recommended the Enagic SD501 ionizer in his recent book, "Killing Cancer -- Not People" at Chapter Six, which is entitled, "Restructured Ionized Water Could Save Your Life." He refers to the Enagic SD501 ionizer as "the Rolls Royce of Water Ionizers." I consider this book to be the very best in its field, and recommend that all Americans should order and read it. Order it at www.americanaci.org. Further, the AACI chose Alkaline Ionized water as its "Number One recommended natural product for cancer patients and cancer prevention due to the combination of [the] three unique properties it possesses." (Page 155).

Consider also the following quotes made by well recognized and published doctors.