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Rp69,375,000Price is including 11% Tax and Registration fee Rp. 100.000,- )

  • Electrode Plates: 7 and 5
  • Languages1 (English)
Level Selections
  • Kangen Water® / 3 levels (approx. pH 8.5-9.5)
  • Clean water (pH 7)
  • Acidic water
    (approx. pH 5.5-6.5)
  • Strong Acidic water (approx. pH 2.4-2.7)
  • Strong Kangen water (approx. pH 11.3-12.0)
    • Water source connection
      Regular connection by hose with a nut attached, built-in magnetic valve for water supply
    • Power Supply
      AC 120V, 60Hz (diphyletic power unit)
    • Power Consumption
      Approx. 200W
    • System
      Continuous Ionized Electrolysis Water Generator System (diphyletic electrolysis vessel)
    • Production Rate (gallon(s)/minute)
      Kangen Water®: 1.3-2.1 Flexible right pipe
      Acidic water: 0.5-0.75 Secondary Hose (White)
      Acidic Water: 0.4 Flexible left pipe
      Strong Kangen Water: 0.3 Hose (White)
    • Electrolysis Capability (continuous use)
      Approx. 80 min (when salt water tank is filled to capacity). It can be used continuously, if refilled regularly
    • Cell Cleaning Method
      Auto cleaning - Manual cleaning function
    • Applicable water quality and pressure
      Municipally supplied drinking water 0.05 - 0.5MPa
    • Electrolysis Enhancer
      Adding method by salt water pump
    • Enhancer Refilling
      Prior warning by blinking at the time of salt water shortage. Forced stop during a time of salt water shortage
    • Protector
      Current limiter - Voltage stabilizer (switching power supply) Fuse 125V 5A Thermal protector (Present temperature 80°C) Short circuit breaker (Sensitivity 15mA) Hot water protector
    • Electrode Material
      Platinum coated Titanium
    • Filtering mediumGranulated Antibacterial Activated Charcoal, Calcium Sulfite and Mechanical Filter
    • Residual chlorine removalTotal water flow:
      1,500 gallons
      Removal rate /
      JISS3201 Test: 80%
    • Initial chlorine removal95% or greater
    • Element not removableMetallic ions and/or salinity present in original tap water
    • Time to exchange the filterWhen the filter has treated 1,500 gallons of water (depends on quality of original tap water)
    • Optional/replacement parts
      • Standard water filter for chlorine removal
      • HG water filter
      • Calcium glicerophosphate : 3g x 12 packs/box
      • Enhancer salt 1kg

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