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Diabetes is a leading cause of death and is becoming a global epidemic. By the year 2025 diabetes will affect 300 million people and will be one of the major killers, according to the American Diabetes Association. Most people do not even know they have it - it is as the SILENT Killer. Untreated diabetes can lead to sometimes fatal damage to tissues, organs and blood vessels. The disease is now afflicting younger people in their twenties and thirties. Untreated of poorly controlled diabetes can lead to ulcers, gangrene, amputation of limbsm, loss of vision, and kidney failure, among other problems.

Water Heals Diabetic Ulcers
During the last ten years, Japanese doctors have found an effective treatment for diabetes and its debilitating effects, according to a documentary aired on Japanese Public Television. Research and clinical experience treating patients documents that treating diabetic ulcers with electrolytically restructured pKangen Water is an effective alternative to amputation. Hexagonal Kangen Water is currently being used with much success to cure debubitus ulcers ( bedsores ) in hospitals in Japan and Russia.
There are numerous hospital test centers located in Japan that have been documenting improvements of diabetic ulcers using hexagonal Kangen Water ( 8.5-9.5 pH ), and its counterpart strong acid water, ( 2.5 pH ).

The treatmenet uses a two step process. First, patients soak areas affected with ulcers or gangrene in 2.5 pH, positively charged, ( +1100mV ), strong acid water containing carbonic, chloride, sulfuric and nitric acid whch is supplied by the treatment facility. In addition, they consume prescribed quantities of 9-9.5 pH hexagonal Kangen Water that has a measurable ORP of at least -250 mV, providing ample free electrons to eradicated damaging free radicals.

This water also provides easily absorbed ionic alkaline minerals. The water has been eletrolytically restructured - ionized - and reduced to its smallest molecular cluster size and hexagonal shape, significantly increasing hydration, increasing oxygenation and aiding circulation.

Japanese doctors believe diabetes is caused by insufficient secretion of insulin. Pancreatic beta cells, damaged by active oxygen atoms known as free radicals, are believed to be responsible for this lowered insulin production.

Doctors believe hexagonal Kangen Water aids the body to rebuild cell structure using the ionic alkaline minerals and other properties. Ulcers and sores are healed and protected from bacteria attack using topically applied strong acid water.

In Japan, patients can reasonably buy hospital grade hexagonal Kangen Water devices made for use at home. These systems are continuous flow, toaster size, counter top systems allowing diabetic patients everyday access to fresh ionized water at home. The same treatment received at the hospital can be continued at home. Identical units are now available in the US from Enagic USA, Inc.

Over time, regular consumption of hexagonal Kangen ionized water may reduce the requirement for insulin as much as 30-50% according to documented studies and clinical experience in Japan.

Michael experienced this effect first hand. A recently diagnosed, Type II diabetic, Michael was an oral medication to control his blood sugar levels. Within a week of drinking hexagonal Kangen water, he was able to cut his glucophage dose in half; his blood sugar reading were normal. " After a few weeks on the water, I rarely have to take the glucophage at all, " he told us. " My blood pressure has also become normal, and I am using less pain medication for a chronic back problem."

Water researcher Mu Shik Jhon, PhD has proposed a mechanism for these effects. Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis indicates that the water environment surrounding both cancerous and diabetic cells is less structured and the surrounding water is able to move more freely that the water around normal cells. " Both cancer and diabetes have a common feature, " he writes in his book The Water Puzzle, " the destruction of water structure at the cellular level."

When the hexagonal structure of water near the cells is compromised, the cells are more vulnerable to external stimuli and are weaker and more prone to malfunction and genetic mutation. Research now suggests that improving the water environment at the cellular level can return cancer or diabetes cells to a normal state. When individuals consume hexagonal water, the cellular water environtment improves, contributing to increased health. There are a number of reports which indicate that hexagonal water has halted the progression of cancer and diabetes." Jhon notes.

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